Mega Man Boss Battle Opening Reception Event Review


Opening Reception: March 2nd, 2013, 7-10pm
Open through March 30th, 2013. Please contact for more information.
Closing Reception: March 30th, 2013, 7-10pm

Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin
San Francisco, California 94109

At The Door Registration Prices:
Free to view the gallery with prints for sale


Mega Man Boss Battle is a Mega Man Tribute gallery held at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, CA from March 2-30, 2013 with opening and closing receptions.

Featuring Mega Man tribute art from around the world by 136 artists, prints are available at the Gauntlet Gallery and their online store at:

The Opening Reception featured appearances by contributing artists, an NES set up with the original Mega Man games with drinks being served.

At the peak of opening night, the crowd extended out the doors! O_o

This reflective projection upgrade unit from the Mega Man X series is one of my favorite pieces of art ever! Video coming soon!

The Mega Man Boss Battle art exhibit should definitely be visited by any Mega Man fan that comes through the San Francisco, CA area. While it's not a convention (yet), but it would certainly compliment retro gaming conventions such as California Extreme, Rockage, Portand Retro Gaming Expo and Classic Gaming Expo.

While the exhibit closes March 30th and the Gauntlet Gallery is on the small side, I'd love to see the video game tribute bands such as Team Hideo, Minibosses or Bit Brigade perform in a setting such as this.

-Michael Tang (fix the @)

Supplemental updates are planned for this article with images of all the displayed art from opening night!
Last updated: 3/24/2013

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